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Mountain Rwenzori Climbing

Rwenzori Mountains Trekking is considered as one of the most challenging but fun-filled and exciting hiking experience especially when you make it to the Margherita peak on Mount Stanley. Mount Stanley is the 4th highest mountain in the continent of Africa and the Margherita peak is the highest point in Uganda. Travelers can hike the Rwenzori mountains depending on their physical abilities and preferences. They can choose to either go for low altitude trekking which doesn’t go beyond 4000m and lasts between 2-4 days. The high altitude trekking involves climbing beyond 4000m and reaching for the highest peak in a span of between 2 to12 days. Trekkers decide on the number of days based in their level of fitness. Longer treks are popular because it allows participants to get accustomed to the weather changes within the mountains.  Check out the popular 9 Day Rwenzori Mountain hiking package for more details.

Travelers can decide to hike the Rwenzori mountains as a stand-alone destination or they can combine the trek with visiting other amazing tourist destinations in Uganda. These destinations include the Queen Elizabeth national park which is home to tree climbing lions or Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park whichClimbing the Rwenzori Mountains is home to the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. These sites are all located close to the mountains and in the western part of the country.

It should be noted that the mountains can only be conquered by foot. Travelers are required to be physically fit because it is strenuous completing even the low altitude hikes. The Rwenzori mountains have been declared a technical climb recently. This implies that all those who are planning to go for mountaineering and other activities should train themselves in advance. This training can be in form of taking part in sporting activities which are equally challenging so as to be fit enough or mentally ready.


Mount Rwenzori HikingThere are two main routes for accessing the mountain ranges of Rwenzori. They include the central circuit which connects to the mountains from the eastern side and then the southern circuit which connects to the mountains from the Kilembe side.  The Kilembe route is popular with seasoned hikers because its longer hence allowing for acclimatization. The route is more challenging hence offering a more thrilling hiking experience. It’s important to note that both access routes offer beautiful hut accommodations made out of timber and fitted with bunk beds. Toilets are found in a separate hut. Travelers have the option of going all the way to mountain peaks or exploring the slopes of the mountain. Such hikes allow visitors to see beautiful lakes, rivers, caves, waterfalls, rare vegetation and more striking physical features as we will discuss more later.


Rwenzori mountains trekking takes you through 5 different vegetation zones that vary with altitude. You will first encounter lush green rain forests with dense canopies on the lower slopes and at an altitude between 1,765m and 2,600m. Next is the bamboo zone at altitudes between 2600m to 3000m. The Heather zone is found between 3000m to 3800m. The fourth zone is the moorland at an altitude of between 3800m to 4500m. Lastly are the Rocky glaciers at 4500m with alpine vegetation types that are only found in the area.

Climbing Mount Rwenzori is highly rewarding for those who love nature. It provides opportunities to encounter wildlife including chimpanzees, monkeys, forest elephants and antelopes among others. Birders can expect to spot the rare Rwenzori Turaco, long-eared owls, blue-headed sun-birds, golden-winged sunbirds and a lot more. The rare plants to see while passing through the different vegetation zones are the giant cacti, giant lobelias, giant Heather trees, giant groundsels, mosses and lichens among others.

Best time for hiking Mount Rwenzori
Hiking Mount Rwenzori can be done all year round but most Travelers prefer trekking during the dry season

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