Trion Safaris and Tours

After selecting a suitable safari package with Trion Safaris, the next step is to confirm your air ticket and the date of your arrival (Day 1 of the trip). This allows us to book the necessary Gorilla or Chimp permits, depending on your chosen safari.

Accepted Currency

We are frequently asked about payment in currencies other than US dollars. Since the East African tourism industry operates on the US dollar, we cannot accept payments in pounds, euros, Australian dollars, rubles, or pesos. While local offices may offer alternative currency options, our company can only process payments in US dollars.

Payment Methods

Bank Transfer:
The easiest option for both Trion Safaris Uganda and you is a bank transfer using the bank details provided above. All payments must be made in USD. Although your local agent may accept local currency, our main account only accepts US dollars.

Cash on Arrival:
To alleviate concerns about wiring large sums to a foreign country, we offer the possibility of cash payments upon arrival under certain circumstances. While deposits must be made via bank transfer or credit card at the time of booking, you may bring US dollars to pay at our office at the start of your safari. Please note, the safari will not commence until full payment is made.

Refund Policy

We understand that unforeseen events can occur, such as family emergencies, sudden illness, changes in financial circumstances, or pregnancies, which may require you to cancel or reschedule your safari. Whenever possible, we recommend rescheduling instead of canceling. Hotels may not refund deposits for cancellations but are often flexible with date changes. Please review our full terms and conditions to understand the specifics of cancellation policies.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance when booking with us. A good travel insurance plan will cover you if you need to cancel or reschedule your trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

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