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Lake Bunyonyi Tours Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi located in south-western Uganda is believed to be one of the deepest lakes in Africa, very rewarding for tours. The deepest end of the lake is estimated at approximately 900 m. Lake Bunyonyi is such a beautiful place dotted with 29 islands with the most prominent of these being the Akampene Island also referred to as the punishment island which has a lot of history to the people of this area.

This island acted as a punishment spot for girls who got pregnant before marriage, they could be sent to the island and left there to die unless if saved by a man who could swim through the lake. Some of the prominent islands include Bushara, Kyahugye, Bwama, Njuyeera, and Bucuranuka islands.

The word Bunyonyi translates to a place of many little birds from the local language. The lake is also home to crayfish. The lake is situated in such a strategic position for tours that could also be tailored with safaris to other national parks in western Uganda.

Activities at Lake Bunyonyi

A Lake Bunyonyi tour is one that can be taken during any form of Uganda safari to the western region of the country. It can be done as a visit only to the lake or customized to an Uganda gorilla safari to either Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Here are the activities that you can do while at Lake Bunyonyi;

Birding: For birders, Lake Bunyonyi tours won’t disappoint as it is indeed a place of many little birds. These little birds skim and splash in over the waters in absolute harmony, others paddle on the surface or streak into the air. Spend about two days exploring the shores of Lake Bunyonyi and see several bird species within a very serene environment.

Some of the bird species in the area include the Pied Wagtail, grey crowned crane, levillant cuckoo, white-tailed monad, weavers, slender-billed baglafecth, African harrier hawk, cardinal woodpecker, African kingfisher, cormorants and many more.

Canoeing: One of the amazing activities during a tour at Lake Bunyonyi is a canoe ride to the islands. You can always take a canoe and hop around the different islands on Lake Bunyonyi. These islands give the whole area a magical effect intensified by the overwhelming shades of rich green and breathtaking scenic views.

Swimming: It is actually possible to dive into the water and have cool swimming experience. This is because the lake is bilharzia and crocodile free. However, when you choose to swim in Lake Bunyonyi, be careful since the lake is very deep and can be dangerous.

Community tours: To learn about the people around Lake Bunyonyi, take a community tour to the local communities as you enjoy, scenic views, fresh air, and fruits, local foods. You can choose to do this while cycling or trekking through the hilly area. A walk through the community will give you a reason to have a hearty laugh with the people in the communities around lake Bunyonyi.

Ziplining – Lake Bunyonyi Tours Uganda: For individuals up to 150kg, take chance to have a zip lining experience over the lake. The zip line takes you to cross the lake with very terrifying yet memorable feelings. You go across the lake on a very strong rope from one end of the lake to another with a chance to tap on the water.

Lake Bunyonyi has the enduring quality to inspire absolute contentment and a good reason for anyone having a trip to western Uganda has a stop at this scenic spot.

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